Not another developer blog

There are a lot of Software Engineer, Software Architect and general Software enthusiast blogs on the web. So why do we need another one (Hint: this one)?

Well to be completely honest, there are two reasons behind this blog:

  1. If you browse around the web und look for hints, what a successfull Software Engineer should do, you find (among others) the following statements: “Build an online presence”, “Give back to the community, by helping others” or “Get a reputation by presenting your skills”. Therefore, I aim to fulfill these requirements by writing this blog.

  2. I am quite forgetful about some techniques or problems I encounter and solve during my day to day work. So this website doubles as some kind of diary or writeup, so that I can reflect on what I have learned so far and get feedback from everyone else.

I am happy, that you took some time to read one or more pages of this blog and I gladly hear your opinion and I encourage you to give me feedback.