Project: Bool Checker

Checkout my new small side project “Bool Checker”.

What does it do?

“Bool Checker” basically takes a boolean expression like a && b or foo || (bar && baz) and determines, what these expressions would evaluate to if you pass true/false to the respective elements.

Why should I try it?

You might have some complex boolean expressions in your codebase and you don’t want to waste a lot of time to figure out what they would evaluate to? Then this tool is for you!

Apart from that I took some time to create it and it would be awesome to hear what you think about it!

Why did I create it?

I was following the chapters from Craftin Interpreters by Bob Nystrom for quite some time. So I was looking for a chance to implement this knowledge in a small app and boolean expressions seemed to be a reasonable choice for an interpreter.

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