Recommendation: Essential Image Optimization -

If you care about web performance (and you probably should, if you create websites for a living), you probably know, that a big factor on website weight are images. According to HTTP Archive, as of 1st of November 2017, a huge chunk of transferred bytes belong to images.

So images are a prime candidate for optimization to improve the load times for all users. Luckily, Addy Osmani created an impressive resources with almost everything one needs to know about image compression and image optimization.

In his eBook “Essential Image Optimzation” he covers a wide variaty of topic and guides the reader through all of them. Areas he deals with are:

  • image formats
  • image compression
  • image delivery
  • lazy loading
  • much more …

Although he covers a lot of topics he always goes into the details and provides reference implementation via various npm packages. Even if not everything might fit your project, some parts will definetly be worth considering.

So if you use any images on your website, be sure to check this awesome free resource and consider contributing, if you find an error.

Check it out here: