VS Code Extension: Formatting Toggle

If you are using VS Code and working with code formatters like Prettier regularly, this extension might come in handy. If everything is setup correctly, the code formatters are straight forward and help tremendously. However, sometimes you might need to disable them, because they contradict some linter rules or are not setup correctly in a different project.

That’s where the Formatting Toggle extension helps. It’s statement is simple:

VS Code extension that allows you to toggle the formatter (Prettier, Beautify, …) ON and OFF with a simple click. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=tombonnike.vscode-status-bar-format-toggle

That is all it does, but it does the trick. It adds a toggle to the VS Code Status Bar, that let’s you quickly enable and disable formatters. Give it a try. It will surely be a useful addition.